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All Hand screen printed in the UK

7ply Hardwood Canadian maple wood

every deck comes with a FREE JESSUP 9" grip tape sheet

shipping takes 7-10 working days from day of purchase.

Boards available online only! @ EARL SKATEBOARDS

White cobweb pass on all stained and sizes.

Black cobweb pass on all stained and sizes.

Black full floods featured in video above, then silver metallic ink added for the Stud graphic.

Metallic paste, mixed in with clear varnish to make create a dense silver metallic ink.

Added a large % of black to the metallic ink.

Stud halftone!

Finished Stud decks.

Available online.

Ready to start your own project?

Back & Forth Prints are a Dorset-based custom skateboard and screen printer. We work with a vast portfolio of global and local brands, printing professional standard skateboards, garments and more for some of the world's most recognised companies and professional skateboarders.

If you want to learn more about our printing services or have any questions, get in touch here.


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