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Brinkworth x E.Pellicci Custom Skateboard Decks

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

East London institution Pellicci was founded in 1900 and is still proudly family run.

A family of five decks, featuring monochrome portraits of the late Nevio Snr, Mamma Maria, Nev, Anna and Tony which we graphically manipulated for the screen-printing process.

  • All boards are dipped black gloss flood and hand screen printed white graphics

  • Pressed at HLC

  • Popsicle with deep concave

  • 8.25” Width

⁠Fully sprayed gloss black skateboard decks. High concave.

Hand screen printed top prints. Keeping the decks nice and clean was the main task, these dipped decks can easily get marked and scuffed, keeping all surfaces clean and tidy.

Words from - Brinkworth Design:

East London institution Pellicci was founded in 1900 and is still proudly family-run. We have been going to this Bethnal Green establishment since Brinkworth was founded in 1990. The energy in Pellicci is infectious, and we treasure our memories of Nev Senior reading our breakfast orders back in every variation, Tony’s Elvis interpretations, Maria dancing at one of our many Christmas parties, Ana insulting us endlessly, and Nev being the local glue.⁠ To celebrate our friendship, we searched their family archive of photos and have created a line of products which we will launch on Brinkworth Presents later this week.⁠

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