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Garment Printing

Hand Screen Printed Clothing

At Back & Forth, we source, supply and screen print high quality, long lasting and cost effective garments for you and your business.

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Garment Printing

We have over a decade of experience screen printing garments for a wide portfolio of local, national and global brands. We always work closely with our customers to ensure the quality of our prints and our clothing are as high as possible, and that our practices adhere to any sustainability standards that they or their brand hold.

Get in touch today to speak to use about our garment printing service.

Why Screen Print Clothing?

Screen printing garments is so widely used due to its ability to produce vivid colours, even on darker fabrics. The ink also lies in layers on the surface of the fabric, which giving the print a tactile quality and long lasting durability.

Screen printing is also favoured because it allows the printer to easily reproduce a design multiple times on different garments. This makes screen printing a very efficient technique for creating large batches of custom clothing.

dtg printing maverick
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dtg printing t shirt
dtg printing

Printing Techniques

CMYK Prints: 

CMYK prints are made by printing blue, pink, yellow and black on a white surface. By mixing these base colours, every other colour can be created. Get yourself a newspaper and take a close look. You will see the images are made of tiny blue, pink, yellow and black dots.


Spot Colour Prints:

Spot colour is used by actually mixing ink into the desired colour you want in your print project, as opposed to using the CMYK process to achieve it. We can mix and match pantone numbers.


Spot Colors VS CMYK Prints: 

Unlike CMYK prints, Spot colour prints are made by using the original colours. Instead of printing green as yellow and blue dots, a green ink will be used. Therefor Spot colour prints are much more vibrant and accurate.

Our Inks

 We focus on the use of Eco-friendly inks; Water based, Discharge and Phthalate free Plastisol and can mix to the Pantone system. We like to work closely with suppliers to offer our customers greener alternatives. 

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Cost & Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity for garment printing is 24 items. Price for garment printing depends on how many colours / screens is needed to achieve your design.

Get in touch with us today for an accurate quote.

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