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Custom Skateboard Printing

Screen Print & Heat Transfer Deck Printing

Back & Forth Prints are skater owned & skater run. We offer high quality skateboard deck printing services with fast turnaround, using professional quality, 100% Canadian hard rock maple.

Custom skateboard deck flip tom penny
custom skateboard deck arto saari
custom skateboard deck forecast
custom skateboard dtg printing

Screen Printed Skateboards

We have designed and engineered our own bespoke, secret screen printing presses to be able print directly onto skateboard decks. Whether it is truck-to-truck or nose to tail, we can screen print graphics all over skateboard decks to achieve your desired design.


As with screen printing anything, there are some limitations to what you can and cannot print on our skateboards. However we work closely with all our clients to realise their visions.


We price every screen job individually so please drop us an email.

custom skateboard deck clown
custom skateboard deck flip
custom skateboard deck printing

Heat Transfer Graphics

Heat transfer is another method to apply ink to the deck. Using heat transferred graphics gives the opportunity to print more intricate patterns and images onto skateboards than tradition screen printing.

Each colour is printed separately onto a thin transparent application film. For each colour used in an artwork, we have to prepare an individual screen. Transfer inks are printed on PET films using a release agent or hot peal. The hot peal releases the ink onto the skateboard under pressure and at around 200'C. PET film is among the most environmentally friendly thermo-plastic engineered film.

custom skateboard deck printer
custom skateboard deck forcast
custom skateboard deck drop nineteens
custom skateboard deck drop nineteens
custom skateboard deck flip tom penny

Our Skateboard Decks

Our boards are ridden by professionals and are crafted with sustainability in mind.

We take pride in our wide experience and portfolio working with some of the world's most respected brands, including Flip Skateboards, Clown Skateboards, Forecast skateboards and many more, giving you peace of mind when it to comes quality.

Our skateboard decks are made from 100% Canadian maple and are sourced from areas under a forest conservation laws that aim to save, maintain and regenerate biodiversity in the area.

Custom Skateboard Printing Template

We need a vector file (PDF or AI) or TIFF, PSD, JPEG file in 300dpi at the real printing size placed on the template we can supply.

Printing Techniques

CMYK Prints: 

CMYK prints are made by printing blue, pink, yellow and black on a white surface. By mixing these base colours, every other colour can be created. Get yourself a newspaper and take a close look. You will see the images are made of tiny blue, pink, yellow and black dots.


Spot Colour Prints:

Spot colour is used by actually mixing ink into the desired colour you want in your print project, as opposed to using the CMYK process to achieve it. We can mix and match pantone numbers.


Spot Colors VS CMYK Prints: 

Unlike CMYK prints, Spot colour prints are made by using the original colours. Instead of printing green as yellow and blue dots, a green ink will be used. Therefor Spot colour prints are much more vibrant and accurate.

custom skateboard deck forecast
custom skateboard deck clown

Cost & Minimum Order Quantity

The price of heat transfers depends on the amount of colours used, the size of the transfers (to fit your decks), the quantity per design and the total order quantity. Minimum heat transfer sheet order is 100. Minimum deck print run is 20 (1 box). We can store remaining transfers FOC for future use.


Price for screen printed boards depends on how many colours / screens, size and placement of the graphic. For minimum order quantities, get in touch for an accurate quote.

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