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  • Tommy Fachiri

Bored of Southsea Skate Shop Decks

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Onamura store decks now available at Bored of Southsea Skateshop.

The Onamura Tiger graphic across an assortment of sizes and shapes, Popsicles starting at 8" going up to 8.75" and also some 'Poolmasters' for those of you who are looking for something a little different or the brand new ‘Egg’ 🥚 shape.

On the graphic itself if you look closely you'll see the natural woodstains popping through the Bored text of each different coloured deck. We've not cut corners with quality our boards are made from a 7-ply maple construction by ASF in Mexico and finished here with heat transfers in the UK.

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Back & Forth Prints are a Dorset-based custom skateboard and screen printer. We work with a vast portfolio of global and local brands, printing professional standard skateboards, garments and more for some of the world's most recognised companies and professional skateboarders.

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