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December in the Studio

Updated: Jan 25

What we've been up to in the Back & Forth studio over the past month...

Brian Anderson x NJ Skateshop Custom Decks

To celebrate 20 years of NJ Skateshop, they teamed up with Clown Skateboards to release a limited run of 30 numbered skateboards. These were printed in-house at Back & Forth, with artwork designed by the legendary pro, Brian Anderson. Check out our blog to dive into the project.

Kim Lim: Space, Rhythm & Light Screen Printed Totes

In November, The Hepworth Wakefield presented the first major museum exhibition of Kim Lim’s work since 1999, offering unparalleled insight into the artist’s life and work. For the launch of the exhibition, we printed this run of tote bags! Dive more into the project below.

20 Years of Wight Trash Skateboarding

In another 20-year celebration, we printed these bright and colourful neon skateboard decks for John Cattle’s Wight Trash Skateshop and Skatepark on the Isle of Wight. Unfortunately, sunglasses aren’t included 😎.

Fartco’s Sideburn Screen Printed T-Shirts

Designed by Nick Simich, these T-shirts feature a large back print and a small front print, both crafted with water-based inks to achieve the cool 1960s style, requested by Fartco themselves. This is one of those T-shirts that will look better and better the more it's worn!

BLOG: Sustainability in Custom Skateboard Printing: Eco-Friendly Options

In a world where sustainability is at the forefront of consumer consciousness, industries are continually seeking innovative ways to reduce their environmental impact. The skateboarding community is no exception. Check out our recent blog for the options available to you and your brand.

Now Stocking New Shapes!

Starting at £16.25 per blank! Clutch are a quality woodshop, supplying boards to Alltimers, Free Dome, Flip, Toy Machine, Pizza, Plan B, and dozens of other world-renowned skateboard brands. Check out our entire range below.

Ready to start your next project?

Back & Forth Prints are a Dorset-based custom skateboard and screen printer. We work with a vast portfolio of global and local brands, printing professional standard skateboards, garments and more for some of the world's most recognised companies and professional skateboarders.

If you want to learn more about our printing services or have any questions, get in touch here.


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