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How to Use Our Custom Skateboard Design Template

You may have come across our custom skateboard design template on our site or received it from us. We often receive questions about the best way to complete this template, prompting us to create this quick blog. Our goal is to ensure that your design is effectively communicated to us so that we can print it as closely as possible to what you envisioned.

Downloading & Importing

The template will be in a PDF file format. To incorporate your design, download the PDF from our site, and then, import or drag and drop the template into your design tool—be it Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Make sure to maintain the document at its actual printing size.


On the top left-hand side of the template, we request some written details about your brand and the chosen design.

Here's how we'd like you to fill out each of these four sections:

  • Brand: Provide the name of your brand. This helps us identify you and group together designs for a single brand.

  • Graphic Name: Specify the name of your design and artwork to distinguish different designs under your brand.

  • Dimensions: Indicate the dimensions of the boards you require. If you want multiple sizes, list them all (e.g., 8, 8.25, 8.5, etc.).

  • Print Process: Specify whether you prefer your design screen-printed or applied via UV digital transfers. After completion of the template, we may recommend you use a certain print process based on your design. If unsure, refer to our blog on Screen Printed vs Heat Transferred Skateboard Decks.

Colours & Applications

Below the initial specifications, we will then request the colours required for printing your design.

For screen print or heat transfer, mention spot colours and Pantones for the bottom and top of the deck. If you have any specifics about the deck top design placement, let us know here. If you are unsure which order the colours should go in for screen printing, do not worry, we can arrange on our side.

If you prefer your custom skateboard deck to be dipped—completely coated in a single colour, creating the appearance of being submerged or dipped in paint—please specify the colour you desire here.

To maximise customisation, you can also indicate the colours of veneers/plies you would like for your boards. Please note that fully customising the colours of veneers on your decks is not a service we offer in-house. If you opt for this, we would need to go back to the manufacturer, resulting in a significantly higher cost.

If you would like any additional applications such as gold or tin foil, let us know in the box here. Of course, not everything is possible with printing custom skateboard decks, so please ask if you are unsure.

Deck Top Art

Towards the bottom left of the template, you can drag and drop your deck top design. In the sections above, as mentioned earlier, you can provide details about the colours used and the placement.

Deck Bottom Art

The main section on the right is where you will then drag and drop your primary design for your custom skateboard deck. Please attempt to position it as closely as possible to how you would like it to appear on your boards.

Pay careful attention to the coloured lines around the perimeter of the board. Each line corresponds to a different board size, so if you choose to print on multiple sizes, ensure that your design fits all of them without cutting off any crucial elements like text. The outer red colour represents the bleed area, signifying that any printing extending beyond this line will be trimmed.

Comments & Contact

Within the comments box, you can inform us of any additional requirements or questions you may have regarding your order. This could involve specifying whether you would like stickers added under the shrink wraps of your decks or indicating if you are on a tight schedule and require the order to be prioritised (please note that sped-up or prioritised services may incur an additional cost).

In the contact box, please give us the mobile number or email address of the main point of contact for the project.

Save & Send

Once you have completed the design template, ensure the document is of the correct size and save it. Send us the AI vector file via email at Your finished template should resemble the example below (the example did not have a top graphic).

We will be in touch with you shortly with any questions we have about your custom skateboard deck design. We will not start any work until both parties and 100% satisfied with the design, specifications and colours.

We hope this blog answers any questions you may have about using our custom skateboard design template. If you’re looking for any more information about our skateboard printing services, check out our custom skateboard printing page here.


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