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Flip Skateboards Gold Brand Deck Reissue

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

The nineties exploded as a time of growing change in skateboarding. Big-time events and sponsorships introduced a lifestyle most skaters had never seen before. The original Gold Brand deck design perfectly captured the flair and glamour of the time and was skated to great effect by Flips’ original team, featuring at legendary events like Radlands along the way.

Faithfully hand screen printed as continuation boards on the original design of 90’s Prime mellow concave, these will go fast as they were produced at the special request of some of Flips’ most avid collectors.

7-ply Canadian hard Rock Maple.

31.6” x 8.0” with 14.1” WB

Tom Penny - Radlands Championships - 1995 - Photo: Bryce Kanights

We managed to re-create the artwork from various scans from Flips' archive, plus we had images of an original deck from 1995 from @hastiludium private collection.

Scans from Flip files.

@hastiludium 1995 GoldBrand Original Hand Screened by Screaming' Squeegees.

We always start on the top!

Nothing better then bit of masking tape to secure the films!!!

Straight onto the flood pass, super glossy inks!

Metalic Gold stripes added.

Looking pretty epic at this stage! The contrast between the glossy cream and metallic ink is spot on! Left in the sunlight to dry, you can see the top veneers reflect the gold!

Central graphic, very tight trapping on white pass.

Job done!

Hand-screened decks are intentionally left with sloppy ink edges because that’s how the originals were done. Scraping with blades cleans up the edges but then the graphics look more similar to heat transfers which they are certainly not. The occasional dragged edge within the graphic art print is normal too. These are 100% screen printed by hand the old way. The Prime blanks were also completely remanufactured for us by hand and as such have some imperfections with drilled holes and some surface irregularities.

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