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Clown Skateboards X Jake Martinelli THANK YOU VERY MUCH Deck

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

A Grom from our early years, now a genuine mate to Clown Skateboards, Jake Martinelli brings his love of Tattooing and Lino printing to this capsule release - A thank you very much to what he loves.

We have done a great deal on some wood for this release and passed on the saving to those that matter, the ones that ride our boards - YOU.

9.4" assorted stained veneers with JM cat graphic. 3 colour screen print.

8.6" pool decks, 3 assorted veneers with 4 colour screen print.

JMI colour series 8" / 8.25" / 8.5" / 8.75" / 9"

Available online CLOWN SKATEBOARDS


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